Fais Dodo wants to help you achieve and nurture lifelong healthy sleep habits for your family

Sleep is food for the brain

  • A child who is getting good quality sleep is alert, has a greater attention span, and is positively affected in mood, behaviour, performance and temperament.

  • You can respect your child’s need for good quality sleep and help develop healthy sleep habits so that your child can be at his/her personal best.

  • Parents who are sleeping are functioning at their personal best.




Learning independent sleep skills is vital for health and wellness

  • The process of falling asleep and staying asleep is a learned behaviour.

  • Your child must learn how to fall asleep, stay asleep and fall back asleep without constant intervention.


 Dedicated, personalized assistance makes sleep attainable 


  • Let go of the responsibility and guesswork of sleep teaching.  Working with a professional who knows and understands the nuances of sleep and sleep teaching can free you to enjoy time with your little one, with your partner or with yourself.

  • Sometimes all we need is an objective observer to point us in the right direction and provide support through the teaching process to achieve desired results.