Fais Dodo Sleep Academy

From poor sleep

to healthy sleep habits

Are you ready...
To stop wondering why sleep problems are happening?
To stop fighting with your little ones at sleep times?
To stop feeling confused and helpless about how to fix sleep issues?
To get time to yourself and with your partner again?

You are...

Tired of getting frustrated with your little one when they fight nap and bedtime.

Done with being up all night with a toddler who should be sleeping.

Sad to see your little one tired and grumpy all the time.

Over having to sort through all of the conflicting information online and in books.

Exhausted with the worry of how lack of sleep is impacting growth and development.

You can be...

Enjoying a calm bedtime routine where everyone is happy after the "goodnights!"

Putting your toddler to bed knowing they won't come out over and over and will let you sleep!

Watching your little one see the world through well rested eyes and happier!

Locating the information you need in one place, and accessing support from a certified and experienced sleep coach if you're stuck!

Reassured that your little one is getting enough sleep and when things go off track it will be temporary because YOU will know how to fix it!

You are invited to move forward away from the sleep problems and join me for 4 weeks in an intimate, interactive group coaching program that will educate and empower you to determine why sleep issues are happening and fix them using proven tools and strategies!

Are you ready to join me?


What you get when you join Fais Dodo Sleep Academy:

Access to an unparalleled, hybrid coaching-teaching program that will help you:


1. SOLVE the IMMEDIATE sleep problems

2. PREVENT FUTURE sleep issues


- 4 week program with concise content driven videos
- 6 coaching calls to support through the implementation of tools/skills/strategies 

- 6 weeks total support from Janelle

We'll spend 4 weeks together diving into the exact steps you need to assess and solve your little one’s sleep problems.


These 4 weeks will solve your current sleep issues and set you up to avoid upcoming bumps in the road and be able to handle cognitive and physical bursts with ease so that the sleep complications that arise from them are short-lived.

You can apply this process to ALL of your littles! 


You'll have scheduled and structured accountability checks through the weekly teaching sessions and weekly group coaching meetings.


You will be part of a highly motivated group of compassionate, results-driven peers.


You'll have customized mentorship throughout the initial 4 weeks of teaching and an additional 2 weeks on top of that!  That makes 6 whole weeks of support with Janelle so that you NEVER stay stuck or not know what to do.


You'll have 24/7 access to the membership group and all of the teaching videos and coaching calls to refer back to when needed along with the step by step strategies to develop and implement your personalized sleep plans and make adjustments along the way as sleep for your little one evolves!

Are you ready to take action and improve short-term AND long-term sleep?

The breakdown of what you get...

4, 60min Teaching Sessions ($1875 Value)

Integrating mindset, skillset, toolset and support through content, practice, personalization and implementation

6, 60 Minute Group Coaching Calls  ($2250 Value)

You drive the content and topics so that you are getting the help you need!


Access to the private Fais Dodo Sleep Academy Facebook group, lifetime access to the videos and resources, access to Janelle after the teaching portion is complete. ($6000 Value) 

2 Weeks Sleep Insurance  ($1245 Value)

Do NOT stress about what happens after our 4 weeks of teaching and support are complete because you can have support from Janelle for another 2 weeks!



Total Investment

$2000 CDN +GST


What kind of payments do you accept?

Payment in full does provide you with a lower cost, or a 2 payment plan can be made available. Payment is possible through E-transfer (faisdodo@outlook.com) and PayPal is linked to the buttons throughout this page to accept payment in full. 


What is your refund or cancellation policy?

We do not offer refunds or cancellations. We will be fully dedicated and committed to you, and we ask that you be fully dedicated and committed to the program for the full duration of 4 weeks content + the 2 additional weeks of support. We know our systems and strategies work if you work it! And the level of support is second to none!