Create Your Own Sleep Plan Workshop

3 Months+ and All Sleep Problems

  • You and your little one(s) aren't sleeping, naps are non-existent, bedtime battles plague your house...

  • You want to create your own step-by-step plan with a sleep teaching strategy that is founded on success

  • You are confident with the right direction you can solve the sleep problem on your own

  • Join the Create Your Own Sleep Plan workshop to ASSESS your sleep issue(s), CHOOSE your sleep teaching strategy and have a STEP-BY-STEP process to work through the sleep problem(s).

Some Topics that will be explored:

  • Wake Times

  • Bedtime

  • Middle of the Night Wake Ups

  • How to Handle Naps

  • Feeds

  • What You Need for Success

  • Sleep Environment

  • Sleep Teaching Strategy Options

  • Step-by-Step Process

You will receive a handout to keep all the information in one spot as well as access to a live video teaching going over the information to help support you through the process.