I first contacted Janelle when my daughter was approaching the 3 month mark. I was exhausted and needed help. Our daughter Lauren was not a good sleeper from day one and would very easily become over tired and then fight sleep as she became more tired. Yet I could never get her to sleep.  Being a new a Mom with little knowledge of proper sleep habits for a baby I quickly developed many poor habits to help her sleep.  As a new baby we would always lay her down sleeping. Then it turned into holding her to get a good nap. Which led to holding her to take all naps. Then walking and swaying and rocking and shushing to keep her asleep. Needless to say by two and a half months I was done and our daughter was a tired cranky baby. She cried often and was rarely happy and never just content. 

I found Janelle’s page and emailed her with my concerns. She emailed me back within ten minutes confident she could help me. I answered a questionnaire and we emailed back and forth a few times and were ready to start sleep teaching Lauren within a few days.  We started on a Friday evening and I found it very hard the first 3 days. And every time I doubted what I was doing Janelle was there to reassure me either by text or a phone call reminding me that what I was doing for her was what she needed to develop good sleep habits for life. By day 5 Lauren was learning the routine and was starting to learn independent sleep habits. Janelle helped me for two weeks before she sent me off on my own. Lauren was a changed baby. Finally happy and content. 

Janelle has continued to help me as Lauren has reached different milestones and changes in her sleep.  Janelle is very down to earth and very very knowledgeable. Every time I have a problem or require advice (such as teething, sitting up in her crib, dropping a nap, extra night wake ups) she is able to troubleshoot and usually predict what will come next and help me through it. Through teaching Lauren to sleep she also taught me. I now have the knowledge to make sure Lauren stays rested by respecting her awake time, keeping a consistent routine and schedule and adjusting things when I need to as things come up in a day. 

One thing I always hear now is “what a happy smiley baby”.  I always smirk a bit when I hear that knowing she wasn’t always this way!  I have recommended Janelle to so many Moms and Dads and can’t say enough good things about her!  

~ N.D.

I am so happy that I found Janelle. She responded quickly to my cry for help and was so easy to talk to. She listened to the story- saw the whole picture - and gave me the broad picture of different strategies. Janelle validated my approach and helped me to edit that for the better outcome. My one twin, 22 month old, all of a sudden didn't want to go to bed anymore and would cry for mama for hours. Now all back to a good going to bed toddler. If I have any other problem I will always be happy now to know the expert to ask for help.

~ S.G.

If you are having any trouble with sleep and babies reach out to Janelle. She was so wonderful and helped us through such an awful stage with our twins. I highly recommend her!!!  Thank you so much for your support with our twins. Within two weeks of chatting we are getting more sleep. The boys and Mama and Dad are all much happier! We cannot thank you enough.

~ T.M.


Janelle is an amazing sleep consultant! Her guidance as our sleep consultant was absolutely life changing for us! Our 5 month old twins are now sleeping from 5:30pm-7:00am every night!!! And we only feed them once in the night now. We no longer need soothers, arms in swaddling or swings to try to get our babies to sleep... and best of all bedtime is so easy (no more hours of wake-ups, crying, picking up to try to comfort, etc.).

Janelle is very detail oriented, super supportive, highly educated in sleep needs of infants/children and so easy to talk to. She has many options available, but we chose the comprehensive package and are so glad we did. The unlimited emails/texts for 2 weeks was so helpful. I am very happy we decided to hire Janelle out of all of the many consultants out there. I highly recommend Fais Dodo, and will continue to tell everyone I know! Thanks again Janelle!! We will for sure contact you again in the future if we find ourselves needing help again as our children get older.

~ R.F.