Additional Services

Want a little  more support at the end of your package subscription? 


Have independent sleepers but need some help tweaking routines through bumps in the road such as milestones, travel, illness, or nap transitions?

Don’t need a full package but have questions that require more detailed responses?


I can support you through all of your pressing questions and concerns with the following options:


Strategy Session

1 Call or Messenger Interactions

$50 +GST

4 Days of Unlimited Emails/Messenger

Do not need to be used in consecutive days.

Must be used within 2 months of purchase.

$145 +GST

Phone Calls

60 Minute Phone Call

Best suited for 4 - 5 questions

$125 +GST

30 Minute Phone Call

Best suited for 2 - 3 questions

$75 +GST

15 Minute Phone Call

Best suited for 1 question

$35 +GST

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