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Nursing baby to sleep at bedtime, in the middle of the night and at naps?

Replacing the pacifier at all hours of the night and throughout naps?

Dreading the bedtime struggle and opposition to staying in bed?

Soothing a crying child multiple times throughout the night?

Hours of rocking baby to sleep at night and during the day?

Early morning wake-ups?

Short naps?


Fais Dodo wants to help you achieve and nurture healthy sleep habits for your family.  We support hesitant parents through one of the most important decisions you will make for your child.  Sleep teaching is not easy, but as with many essential decisions we make in our lives, they are often the most challenging and rewarding.  Sleep issues will not resolve themselves, and they will not be a phase that simply passes with time.  Please reach out today so that we can discuss how we can work together to comfort and support your child through their sleep challenges and maintain lasting positive sleep habits.


Fais Dodo believes that every child and family unit deserves to thrive, not just survive, and realizes that sleep is paramount to this.  Learning independent sleep skills are vital to ensuring that your child is getting the good quality rest s/he needs to foster appropriate growth and development.  It is from these beliefs that we approach each consultative relationship, making it our priority to help you teach your little ones the skills they need so they may be lifelong, healthy sleepers.


Within sleep teaching, crying is a highly charged topic that parents have varying opinions on.  We are not in the business of making parents do something they are uncomfortable with.  We want to work together to employ strategies that make the sleep teaching process a positive one.  Having said that, we must also acknowledge that crying is your child’s way of communicating and protesting change.  There will be some tears, but together we will develop a plan that you feel comfortable implementing with your little one.


Janelle is passionate about helping families get the sleep they need and deserve.  Her journey to becoming an infant and child sleep consultant essentially began when her eldest daughter was born and did not sleep well for 4 months.  After sleep teaching her baby there was such a marked difference in her temperament that it was clear to Janelle that sleep teaching was worth the effort.  When Janelle’s twin daughters were born she started with good habits right away and the girls have been excellent sleepers from day one.  Prior to becoming an infant and child sleep consultant, Janelle was a teacher for 7 years.  Teaching has afforded her with the understanding and experience of how lack of sleep can negatively impact the concentration, moods, organization and learning in children and young adults.  Through Fais Dodo, Janelle is hopeful that she will be able to positively influence the lives of many families.



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